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A new approach to navigation

Ordnance Survey Maps

If you want to plan a route and find your way when you get there, then a compass and a 1:25,000 scale (Explorer) map are your friends.

The Explorer map (1:25,000) shows the contours of the land, field boundaries, buildings and churches, viewpoints, and most importantly, the footpaths that you have a right to walk along.

Batteries won't ever run out, it won't stop working if you're under trees or it's very cold.

If you get lost, you should be able to work out where you are, and find a path back to where you should be. If you're not lost, it will show you what's around you and you'll even be able to change your planned route on the hoof if you want to.

Written instructions such as "turn left at the third gate" often leave lots of room for doubt and error, and if you go wrong your only option is to re-trace your steps. Waymarkers are helpful, but can't be relied on either. They become overgrown, fall over, damaged or vandalised.

The only sure way find your way is with a map in your hand.

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